Whoever said that compact vehicles lack luxurious features clearly hasn't laid eyes on the new Ford Escape. This popular compact SUV has a beautifully designed cabin that's comfortable and cozy. It also has some optional extras to make your ride your own.

When you step into the Ford Escape at Roger Shiflett Ford, you'll immediately notice the comfortable seating. The front seats utilize a bucket-style design. Thick side bolsters hug your body around every curve and turn. In the back, your rear passengers have plenty of room to get comfortable. Ford offers a variety of trim options. One of the most opulent is the partially leather-trimmed seats. They're smooth and durable enough to last.

Drivers in Gaffney who want to take in a bit more of the scenery can get the panoramic Vista Roof. This unique upgrade features a large powered sunroof in the front and a stationary skylight in the back. The front panel can be tilted or opened with a press of a button to let in some fresh air.

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