The Timing Belt: One of Several Important Belts on Your Vehicle

There are several belts on your vehicle, including the serpentine belt, drive belt, V belt, and the timing belt. But all of those belts serve different functions on your car and, although they're all important, without the timing belt, your vehicle will not move, or you might even damage your engine.

The timing belt synchronizes the crank shaft with the cam shaft. Without this synchronization, the pistons and valves on the engine can't open and close at the correct intervals. That's why it's wise to replace a timing belt before it breaks. One common symptom of a timing belt that is going awry is a screeching sound from under the hood.

If you're noticing this symptom, come to our service center here at Roger Shiflett Ford in Gaffney, and one of your experienced technicians can look at your vehicle, diagnose the problem, and replace your timing belt, if needed. We'll even explain the finer details of a timing belt's function.

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