Come Test out the New Ford Fusion Energi Technology

Hybrid cars are on the rise, and the Ford Fusion Energi is one of the popular plug-in hybrids out there. With each passing year, Ford Fusion's become more fuel efficient, making it a smart choice for any eco-conscious driver.

The Fusion Energi hybrid has an upgraded SmartGauge. A prominent feature since 2010, this upgraded tech's goal is to provide in real-time data that helps you drive more efficiently, and all screens let you customize how this looks to your liking. This technology also monitors gasoline and the power in the two lithium-ion batteries.

The Energi also utilizes power-split technology. The plug-in hybrid has a 7.6 kWh lithium battery that's split in two--with one at the engine and the other half in the trunk.

A hybrid car with great fuel economy never looked so good. If you want a test drive the new Ford Fusion Energy, come visit our dealership at Roger Shiflett Ford.



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