Ford Co-Pilot360 Press Release

In keeping with advances in safety technology, Ford introduces an all-new suite of innovations in its 2019 vehicles that focus on relieving some repetitive driving tasks and monitoring surrounding conditions for increased driver safety.

Ford eliminates the need to constantly raise and lower your high beams in response to oncoming traffic by integrating light-sensing technology in its vehicles, so they will respond automatically on their own. Drivers will also not need to continually speed up or slow down while cruise control is engaged in order to stay even with surrounding traffic. Now Ford vehicles will make use of their onboard sensors to keep your car at a safe distance from other vehicles all on their own.

When in reverse, a rear-facing camera and onboard sensors monitor for pedestrians or other obstructions and brake automatically to avoid collision. Vehicles will also be able to monitor their position in a lane and sound a warning to the driver if the vehicle begins to drift.

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