The Ford Super Duty is engineered for tough jobs and challenging environments. This popular heavy-duty pickup has an impressive front suspension system and strong brakes to help you out on the job.

All 4x4 models at Roger Shiflett Ford are equipped with a solid front axle. Ford was able to achieve this engineering feat thanks to the reduced weight of the aluminum alloy body. The solid axles improve weight-bearing capabilities on the front end. This makes it possible for drivers in Gaffney to attach heavy work gear to the front of the truck.

Anti-lock brakes are used on the Super Duty. F-450 models have the largest brake routers in its class. The solid braking system is designed to provide you with as much stopping power as possible. They can help you out in emergency situations. You'll be able to brake confidently, even if you're carrying heavy payloads or driving over rough terrain.

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