The Ford EcoSport remains a popular option for people who enjoy owning and driving an SUV that offers space while being easy to handle. The technology that the latest models contain heightens the pleasure and safety of the driver and passengers. Learn more about all of the EcoSport's upgrades by visiting our Gaffney, SC showroom. Take a test drive.

The interior of the EcoSport features an eight-inch full-color LCD touchscreen. Link the system with a smartphone or other mobile device and enjoy your favorite tunes. Use an Android or Apple app to benefit from road maps and driving directions along with weather and traffic reports. Find a place to eat, get fuel or stop for the night.

In terms of safety, the blind spot system alerts drivers if a vehicle hovers on the side, which prevents potential collisions if attempting to change lanes. Visit our Roger Shiflett Ford and see the program that encourages teen drivers to adopt responsible habits.

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