Used Inventory at Roger Shiflett Ford

When you hear that something is cheap, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe the first thing you think is low-quality. Perhaps you think of a few picked-over items at a rummage sale in Gaffney, SC. But, sometimes, you can find great merchandise at a rummage sale. Sometimes, there's a diamond ring just waiting for someone to claim. At Roger Shiflett Ford, think of our used inventory as a diamond ring at a rummage sale. We've got great vehicles just waiting for someone like you to claim.

Used Ford Inventory in Gaffney 

It sparkles underneath the sun like a diamond ring, and more importantly, the appraisal guarantees its value. Our professional mechanics appraise every vehicle before they're available for purchase. So, no matter what year your make and model is, you'll have a high-quality vehicle ready to use in Spartanburg or Shelby. And just for reassurance, you'll have a full Carfax report and various warranties to cover your rear end.

Used Sedans and Hatchbacks

Economical and dependable are two attributes that describe our used sedan and hatchback inventory. We've got vehicles from some of the most trusted automakers like Ford, Toyota, and Dodge. That means you'll have a vehicle with great efficiency, muscle, or both, to power your commutes around Kings Mountain.

You can check out any of our low mileage used sedans and hatchbacks online or stop by in person. We'd love to see you in the building, but more importantly, we'd love to see you driving away in one of our used sedans.

Used SUVs

You can't go wrong with a great used SUV, especially when you have a large family to transport. Whether it's weekend sporting events in Gaffney, SC, or a family function in Spartanburg, you'll want to get there with the most convenience.

Our inventory of used SUVs promises ample space and technology features for the family while adding premium safety measures to ensure traveling grace. Shop our selection of used Ford Edge and used Ford Explorer SUVs. We also have models from your favorite manufacturers, from Chevrolet and GMC to Jeep and Toyota, our inventory of used SUVs won't let you down. Check out our dynamic options online or in-person if you want to be closer to a test drive.

Used Trucks

You could probably pull a ton with a used SUV, but it's not ideal when you have a big job to handle in Gaffney. That's why we make sure we have a large selection of used trucks at any given time. We know you need power. We know you need incredible towing capability and durability. And, we know you like to customize your toys-so you can lift your used pickup or pile heavy payloads into the flatbed and get the job done.

With tough and dependable vehicles from Ford, Ram, and Toyota on our lot, you're guaranteed to find a vehicle that will satisfy your needs. And at a price that won't break the bank. Get the power you need with a used truck from Roger Shiflett Ford today.

Shop Roger Shiflett Ford

Consider it the rummage sale that sells nothing but diamond rings. Granted, you can't wear anything in our inventory, but it will shine bright like a diamond on the road in Shelby, NC. And, when you see how much you saved in the process, it'll make everything worth it. Get the used car, truck, or SUV, and protect your rear end here at Roger Shiflett Ford. You'll be happy you did.

After all, cheap is not a bad thing. Especially at Roger Shiflett Ford. Cars and trucks are like peaches. They're cheaper in Gaffney! Make your pick and stop by for a test drive. We'll see you soon.